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West Fayetteville Paver Patio Job

Paver Patio Installation

Paver Patio Installations in East Fayetteville

As a homeowner, it makes sense that you want your property to look and function its best all year round. Unfortunately, as you're undoubtedly well aware, doing so is often easier said than done. From aesthetic issues, such as dying plants and poor landscaping, to functional problems, such as decrepit retaining walls and cracking concrete, there are a lot of ways your home can fall into a state of disrepair. And the extent and severity of these issues can also vary greatly. Thankfully, if you need any landscaping or hardscaping projects completed—like patio installations in East Fayetteville—then our team can help.


Here at Fay-Ark Lawn Co., we pride ourselves on countless years of experience working on landscaping and hardscaping jobs of all kinds. Whether you need some light assistance reworking your home property's landscaping or are in need of complete patio demolition and reinstallation and beyond, we've been the go-to business in our area since 2018!


So, don't hesitate to reach out to our team by calling us at (479)-966-6409. We look forward to helping you with whatever your next project may look like! Read on to check out one of our recent paver patio installations in East Fayetteville.

Replace Your Old Patio With a Fay-Ark Lawn Co. Paver Patio

Patios are an unbeatable addition to any residential property. They offer a place for you and your family to relax and enjoy the outdoor weather, and they can significantly increase the value of your home! 


We recently helped a local client with their home's patio, and they were stunned at the results! Below, you'll find what we did to handle this project. And if it inspires you to get your own patio installation in East Fayetteville, then feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

1. We Demolished the Cracking Concrete Patio Done by a Different Builder

As it happens with many projects, the first step is to clear up the space you intend to build on. In this case, our team had to completely demolish and haul away the client's old concrete patio. That's because the patio had begun to crack and fall apart after some years of use. 


A cracking concrete patio is not an unusual occurrence. However, a well-built concrete patio should last well beyond 20 years of use.

What Causes Concrete Patios To Crack?

As we mentioned, time will eventually cause concrete patios to fall into disrepair. However, there are a number of other possible causes, including:


  • Insufficient structural reinforcement

  • Frequent, extreme freeze-thaw cycles

  • Settling or shifting ground

  • Tree root growth

  • Heavy loads or physical trauma


In the case of this client's concrete patio, inexperienced craftsmanship was the root cause of the cracking. As such, a complete demolition was necessary to ensure that we could perform a paver patio installation in East Fayetteville that was guaranteed to last.

2. We Designed and Constructed a 19x8' Belgard Paver Patio With Holland Stone

With the space finally cleared, we began to implement our patio design. Taking into account the client's aesthetic and utility preferences, our design also included critical functionalities, such as proper water drainage, sufficient structural reinforcement, and a durable concrete blend. These steps were taken to ensure that the primary issues that caused the previous patio to crack were adequately addressed.


Then, the construction of our client's brand-new paver patio went off without a hitch! Just take a look at the photos across this page to see the stunning results.

How Long Does a Paver Patio Installation Take?

Paver patio installation in East Fayetteville can vary in how long it takes to complete. Factors that can shrink or grow the timeline include:


  • Weather conditions

  • Patio size and complexity

  • Choice of material

  • Patio additions and upgrades


Reach out to our team at (479)-966-6409 to get a better idea of how quickly your patio installation could be completed.


Design a Stunning Paver Patio With Fay-Ark Lawn Co.

When you choose to work with Fay-Ark Lawn Co. on a project like the above paver patio installation in East Fayetteville, you can trust that your home will receive the highest level of landscaping and hardscaping service available. With first-class landscapers, competitive cost estimates, and top-tier customer service, you'll know you made the right choice from the first phone call to the last touch-ups on your new landscaping and hardscaping.


So, let's get started today! Just call us at (479)-966-6409, and we can begin to discuss the details of your upcoming project. Alternatively, you can email us at or fill out our simple online form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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