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West Fayetteville Pool Job

Pool Landscaping x Hardscaping

Pool Landscaping and Hardscaping in West Fayetteville

There comes a time in every homeowner's life when the landscaping around their home either begins to fall into disrepair or begins to feel bland and monotonous. If that's a feeling you've had lately, then high-end landscaping and hardscaping in West Fayetteville may be just what you need.


Our team here at Fay-Ark Lawn Co. has extensive experience with all forms of landscaping and hardscaping—from flowerbed design and sod installation to concrete work, retaining walls, and beyond. Serving our local communities since 2018, we have helped residential properties of all shapes and sizes transform their land into something extraordinary. 


If you'd like to get in touch with one of our team members, please feel free to reach out at (479)-966-6409. Otherwise, read on to see exactly how we approached one of our more recent projects!

Rejuvenating a Backyard Pool With Top-Tier Landscaping and Hardscaping

As mentioned in the introduction, the Fay-Ark Lawn Co. team has experience with practically any landscaping and hardscaping design you can imagine. On one of our more recent projects, we were tasked with completely reconceptualizing our client's backyard pool area into something brand new and stunning. Below are the central steps we took to achieve the wild transformation that you can see for yourself with the pictures right on this page. If this inspires you to seek out our team for landscaping and hardscaping in West Fayetteville, you can reach us any time during our typical business hours.

1. We Demolished the Old Landscaping

The most enjoyable projects always start with a little bit of demolition—or, in this case, a lot of it. 


This client was looking for a significant change to the landscaping around their pool. So, they told us to take it all apart and start with a blank canvas of land. From tearing up old walkways and concrete work to clearing out dying plants and unwanted vegetation, we made sure that we had all the space we needed to succeed.

2. We Designed and Constructed a 100x4' Belgard Paver Walkway

With the old landscaping thoroughly demolished and cleared, we began to implement our design for a brand new, 100x4' paver walkway. This new pathway was designed and constructed to surround the pool as well as connect it to the main property.

3. We Built-Up Modern Landscape Block Edging

Up next, we enclosed the walkway, pool area, and other landscaping (such as flowerbeds and planters) with rows of beautiful stone block edging that really emphasized the borders of the pool area.

4. We Integrated 50 Plants to Help Fill in the Existing Landscaping

With the more intricate rock and stonework completed, we began to fill in the rest of the missing pieces. The first step of this was curating a beautiful selection of plant life to put into the ground and liven up the entire area with greenery.

5. We Installed 15 tons of Glacier River Rock

As you'll likely notice from the pictures across this page, we also installed some loose rock in certain areas. Well, not just some loose rock—rather, 15 entire tons of premier glacier river rock! In conjunction with the new plants, this gave the pool area a far more natural and aesthetic look.

6. We Repaired, Reconceptualized, and Adjusted the Existing Irrigation System

As with many of our other projects, we also handled some water drainage issues for this client. Pooling water in the wrong places can wreak havoc on a property in a variety of ways. As such, we repaired portions of the client's existing irrigation system while also redesigning and installing new features in other areas to ensure its efficacy.

7. We Sourced and Laid Down Stunning Bermuda Sod

Finally, wherever we tore up old sod and grass during the demolition process, we laid down brand-new Bermuda sod! This made for the perfect, vibrant green touch to finish off the project with.


Rethink Your Backyard Pool Area With Fay-Ark Lawn Co.

Whether you've decided that you want an eye-catching backyard pool area like the one we designed for this project or you've thought of your own unique landscaping project for your property, Fay-Ark Lawn Co. is the team to stick with. With our landscaping and hardscaping in West Fayetteville, you could make your property feel like it is brand new again!


To get started with our initial consultation as soon as possible, you can either fill out our easy-to-use online form or email us at If you'd like to speak directly to a member of the Fay-Ark Lawn Co. crew, you can give us a call at (479)-966-6409.

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