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Landscape Lighting

In Northwest Arkansas

We provide professional residential or commercial landscape lighting.  Our team can install a low voltage lighting system at your property, whether you want to light your house up, walkways for safety, or to show off your beautiful landscape, we can do it. All of our systems will include a transformer, all wire and waterproof connections, and fixtures you want! There are bronze or black fixtures, with a modern style or classic. We guarantee this will make your outdoor spaces and property look 10x better once we get done.

Landscape Lighting Options

Basic lighting: 

Includes a transformer, approx. 150 ft of wire, and 8 fixtures (path lights or up lights)



Average lighting system:

Transformer, approx. 500 ft of wire, and 25 fixtures (up lights, path lights, or step lights)



High end lighting system: 

Transformer, approx. 1000+ ft of wire, and 40+ fixtures (up lights, path lights, or step lights)


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Landscape Lights Near You

We Serve all of NWA with landscape lighting services, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Tontitown, Prairie Grove, Lincoln and Farmington areas.

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