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Retaining Wall Construction

In Northwest Arkansas

Retaining walls can serve multiple purposes. The big 3 purposes of retaining walls are aesthetics, functionality, and drainage solution.  These are vital for some yards in Northwest Arkansas, as landscapes here come in all shapes & sizes.

Retaining Wall Services


Retaining walls can look very nice, and give you that accent in color in your backyard. 

Yard Expansion

Retaining walls can create an open backyard for you again, if you happen to have a slope of a yard. Retaining walls will create elevation changes throughout the Ozark mountains in NWA. 

Drainage Solutions

Retaining walls can be the solution to some drainage issues a customer is having. The wall can be built up, and redirect water away from that low spot, or house, to prevent flooding. 

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Retaining Wall Builder Near You

We Serve all of NWA with retaining wall services, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Tontitown, Prairie Grove, Lincoln and Farmington areas.

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