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Irrigation Services

In Northwest Arkansas

Quality irrigation is something that every property owner has to consider in relation to their landscaping. Without proper irrigation, properties can experience extensive water damage in numerous ways—among many other adverse effects of poor irrigation. As such, our team here at Fay-Ark Lawn Co. can help you design, install, and maintain your property’s irrigation system with a world-class selection of irrigation services in Northwest Arkansas.

Need Year-Round Irrigation Maintenance? Choose Fay-Ark Lawn Co.

The Fay-Ark Lawn Co. team has extensive experience and a track record of success with both landscaping and irrigation. Not only can we design, install, and repair your irrigation and sprinkler systems, but Fay-Ark Lawn Co. also offers irrigation maintenance to the people of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas, and all of Washington County, AR. Give us a call today at (479)-966-6409 if you're in need of year-round irrigation services in NWA!

Our Irrigation Services Near You

We are proud to serve all of the greater Northwest Arkansas area with top-notch irrigation services in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Tontitown, Prairie Grove, Lincoln, and Farmington areas. If you don’t see your exact area listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can work something out.

What You Need To Know About Irrigation

Irrigation is the process of distributing water to plants, trees, & lawns to help them grow and thrive. This process is an essential part of landscaping, especially during hot and dry summers, and our irrigation services in Fayetteville, AR, can help. As such, we’d like to use this page to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about irrigation and provide tips for choosing the right irrigation system for your lawn or garden.

Why is irrigation important?

Irrigation is important for maintaining healthy lawns and gardens, especially in Fayetteville, AR, where hot and dry summers can cause plants to wilt and die. Proper irrigation can help reduce water waste and ensure that plants receive the right amount of water to stay green.

What are the different types of irrigation systems?

There are several types of irrigation systems available, including:

  1. Sprinkler systems - these are the most common type of irrigation system and use a network of pipes and sprinkler heads to distribute water to plants.

  2. Drip irrigation - this system delivers water directly to the plant's root zone, minimizing water waste and ensuring that the plant gets the right amount of water.

  3. Soaker hoses - these hoses release water slowly and directly into the soil, minimizing water waste and promoting healthy plant growth.

How do I choose the right irrigation system for my lawn or garden?

Choosing the right irrigation system depends on several factors, including the size and shape of your lawn or garden, the type of plants you have, and your budget. Fay-Ark can help you choose the right system for your needs.

How much water should I use for irrigation?

The amount of water you use for irrigation depends on several factors, including the type of plants you have, the soil type, and the climate. As a general rule, you should aim to water your plants deeply and infrequently, rather than giving them frequent shallow waterings.

How often should I water my lawn or garden?

The frequency of watering depends on several factors, including the type of plants you have, the soil type, and the climate. As a general rule, you should water your lawn or garden deeply once or twice a week, rather than giving them frequent shallow waterings.

How can I reduce water waste when irrigating?

To reduce water waste when irrigating, you can:

  1. Choose the right irrigation system for your needs.

  2. Water your plants during the early morning or late evening hours to minimize evaporation.

  3. Avoid watering your lawn or garden on windy days.

  4. Use a rain sensor to automatically shut off your irrigation system during rainy periods.

How do I maintain my irrigation system?

To maintain your irrigation system, you should:

  1. Regularly inspect your system for leaks or damaged components.

  2. Clean your sprinkler heads and drip emitters to ensure proper water distribution.

  3. Adjust your system's watering schedule as needed to ensure that your plants get the right amount of water.

  4. Entrust the care of your system to our irrigation services in Northwest Arkansas.

What are some common problems with irrigation systems, and how do I fix them?

Some common problems with irrigation systems include leaks, clogged sprinkler heads, and broken pipes. If you notice any issues with your irrigation system, you should contact Fay-Ark to diagnose and fix the problem.

Get Started With Your Irrigation Services in Northwest Arkansas Today!

Don’t let your property—home, business, or otherwise—succumb to the countless issues that can arise due to improper irrigation. Our team will work with you side-by-side to ensure that your landscaping not only functions well but also is a stunning visage to behold! So, when you need irrigation services in Northwest Arkansas, the only crew you should call is Fay-Ark Lawn Co.

You can reach a member of our team by phone at (479)-966-6409 to ask any questions you may have or to get started with your initial estimate. Alternatively, you can also fill out our simple online form to tell us about your landscaping and irrigation needs. We look forward to helping you enjoy a landscape that is well-irrigated and flourishing!


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Irrigation Near You

We Serve all of NWA with irrigation services, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Tontitown, Prairie Grove, Lincoln and Farmington areas.

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