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5-Star Lawn Care Service

Your residence's curb appeal is enhanced by its landscaping, which also provides an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for all of your outdoor activities. By providing an array of landscaping services, Fay-Ark Lawn Co. can aid in the development of a magnificent outdoor space that enhances the appearance and design of your home.


When it comes to landscaping, irrigation system installation, patio design, and installation, or lawn maintenance, we are the expert landscapers in Bentonville, AR, to contact. To schedule a consultation and discuss your upcoming landscaping endeavor, please contact us during our usual business hours.

Fay-Ark Lawn Co.: Your Local Landscapers in Bentonville, AR

Comprehensive Landscaping Services

At Fay-Ark Lawn Co., we consider a landscape to be more than an orderly lawn. Our professional landscapers in Bentonville, AR, are pleased to provide an extensive range of services that can be customized to meet the particular needs of your property.


The dry heat of Arkansas is notoriously destructive to vegetation such as lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens. As a consequence, Fay-Ark Lawn Co. provides irrigation installation services that are designed to minimize water wastage while preserving the health of your lawn and gardens.


Elevate your outdoor living space with the following landscaping services that we offer: 


  • Landscape design: We create an outdoor space that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your residence while also catering to your specific wants and needs. 

  • Lawn care: Mowing, fertilizing, edging, and vegetation control are just a few of the many lawn care services we offer. 

  • Outdoor living areas: Whether your objective is to create a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or seating area, we can assist you in the design and construction of your outdoor space. 

  • Hardscaping: By incorporating walkways, patios, or retaining walls, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal and practicality of your property. 


As the premier landscapers in Bentonville, AR, we go above and beyond routine lawn maintenance in order to custom design an outdoor sanctuary that precisely suits your family's requirements. 

Concrete Work

In order to further enhance your outdoor spaces, we also offer patio installation services. If required, we can also assist you with patio restoration and repair in addition to the design, installation, and staining of your patio. Our team of professionals guarantees superior results, expeditious project execution, and exceptional craftsmanship. 

Flowerbed Installation

Adorning the exterior of your home with flowerbeds provides vibrancy and allure. Our professional landscapers can design flowerbeds that complement your home and property while also considering drainage, sun exposure, and soil quality in order to ensure that your flowerbeds remain healthy. 


We then install your preferred floral arrangements from the numerous options we present to you. If required, we also happily perform routine flowerbed maintenance to ensure their year-round flourishing.

Leaf Removal

Initially, the sight of leaves falling can be quite endearing—however, they quickly accumulate and result in a neglected lawn. Fay-Ark Lawn Co. can ensure that your lawn looks its best by efficiently removing the leaves, saving you the trouble of spending the entire day raking them up.

Sod & Grading

Grading is the procedure by which a lawn is prepared to facilitate proper water drainage, thereby averting flooding and preserving the health of the grass. Moreover, it is critical for preventing soil erosion and excessive water accumulation. 


After grading the grass, we can then install new sod. If flooding has caused your lawn to become sickly and weakened, our grading and sod services will revitalize it to its fullest potential. 


Our dedication extends beyond delivering an aesthetically pleasing landscape to you. We also listen to the nutritional needs of your grass to ensure its optimal health and longevity.


Why Choose Fay-Ark Lawn Co.?

Customer service is our top priority, as evidenced by the over one hundred five-star ratings we have accumulated over our years of service. Our prominence among the leading landscapers in Bentonville, AR, is a result of our professionalism, exceptional results, and timely completion. Additionally, every member of our staff possesses extensive landscaping knowledge, so every aspect is considered when we collaborate with you to design your ideal landscape. We ensure complete satisfaction at each stage of the process, starting from design to installation to maintenance. 


Furthermore, we offer financing through HFS Financial, ensuring that your project is adequately financed at every step. And, of course, making an investment in your home will increase its value in the future!


We recognize that creating an aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space is crucial, but you do not have to do it alone. DIY endeavors are frequently disorganized, hazardous, and time-consuming. When you employ the services of our experts here at Fay-Ark Lawn Co., we work diligently to implement your vision while also ensuring that it perfectly complements your property.

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If you need landscaping services and are looking for the best landscapers in Bentonville, AR, you have arrived at the right place. After completing our convenient online form, one of our team members will visit your residence to evaluate the situation, discuss your needs and financial circumstances, and deliver a quote.

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