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Lawncare Services in Fayetteville, AR

Design & Create the Backyard of Your Dreams with Fay-Ark Lawn Co.'s Landscaping, Hardscaping, Irrigation, Maintenance & more.


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Since 2018, Fay-Ark Lawn Co. has worked hard to earn the trust of Northwest Arkansas.  As a company, we provide whatever our clients need, whether it's installing a retaining wall for proper drainage, building the concrete paver patio of your dreams, mowing your back yard or enhancing it with a new flowerbed.  It's important to us that jobs are done correctly, efficiently, & maintained after installation.  That's why we offer year-round commercial & residential landscape maintenance.  View All of our services here.

Northwest Arkansas' Fastest Growing

Lawn Care & Landscaping Company

Serving commercial customers is a huge part of Fay-Ark Lawn Co.  We offer year-round maintenance and installation services for businesses in Northwest Arkansas.

Give us a call or contact us today to get your commercial building looking incredible.

Commercial Maintenance

Our landscape services include flowerbed installation, sod installation, mulching, planting, tree services, and many more.

Renovate your lawn with our efficient and quality services in NWA.


If you're looking to completely transform your back or front yard, hardscaping is a great way to do that. 

Hardscaping includes patios, concrete walk-ways and driveways, stone or rock installation of any kind,  retaining walls, fire pits and so much more.


Sprinkler systems and proper water flow design is important when making your yard look and function it's best.

We offer an in-house irrigation team who's priority is keeping your yard as green and alive as possible.  If you have dying plants or dead grass, give us a call.


After Fay-Ark installs flower beds, plants, trees, shrubs, etc. your yard is going to look incredible.  It's important to keep it looking great year-round.

We offer year-round residential lawn care and landscape services for anyone in Northwest Arkansas.

Residential Maintenance


Excavation and grading are essential pieces that make a yard function well.  When it comes to pool landscaping, yard sloping, or major projects like dirt pads, land clearing and demolition, we're one call away.  


If your property struggles to drain water well, and you're always fighting against pooling in your yard, you likely need a proper drainage system and run-off. 

We provide french drains, yard sloping, and more.


Proper lighting absolutely changes the way you're able to enjoy your outdoor area.  That's why we offer outdoor and yard lighting services. 


We will install garden lights, outdoor lights, and any other light you need to make your backyard dream come true.


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Service Area

Fay-Ark Lawn Co. provides Landscaping, Hardscaping, Irrigation, Yard Maintenance & more to the great people of Washington County, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, Cave Springs, Farmington, Rogers, Prairie Grove, Lowell, Lincoln, & Decatur.  Thank you Northwest Arkansas!


About Fay-Ark Lawn Co.

"I started Fay-Ark Lawn Company in 2018 with the intention of serving our customers with the utmost respect and professionalism. I wanted to create a company that was responsive and always put people first. My team and I pride ourselves on the detail oriented, quick, and professional landscape services we provide for homeowners and businesses across NWA." Owner, Eric Hill ​Where did Fay-Ark Lawn Co. originate from? I grew up on a 5th generation family farm in Fayetteville, Arkansas. My childhood and teenage years were spent doing chores, baling hay, feeding calves, fixing fences, and much more. I habitually learned the importance of work ethic, having priorities, responsibility, and so much more. Without Fay-Ark Farms I would not be in the position I am today. This is why our name is Fay-Ark. It represents and shows a great amount of respect and honor to my parents, Madison, my lovely wife, and grandpa especially, for making me the husband, friend, brother, and business owner I am today. We still run our operations out of the farm to this day, and enjoy every minute I get to spend with family and friends on this place we call home. ​ ​Our mission statement is to beautify God’s creation by creating and maintaining luxurious landscapes & outdoor spaces. Serve our customers with extreme professionalism. Help our employees grow in any aspect of life.

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A Landscaper Near You.

Fay-Ark Lawn Co.'s headquarters are in Northwest Arkansas, which is why it's so important we take care of each persons' yard in the Washington County area with the best lawn care possible.  Do we do landscaping? Yes, but we also do year-round yard maintenance & yard work.  Please, contact Fay-Ark Lawn Co. for all of your landscaping needs.

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